Ser Aymeric's Scoring System

What is Ser Aymeric's Scoring System?

Ser Aymeric will look at the activity & usage of the bot within your Discord from the previous month and award it a score out of 100.

What do I need a score for?

The score provides a numerical overview to how active your Discord is & if it is really getting the full benefit of having Ser Aymeric in it.

It is not currently possible to publically advertise your Discord server in the Public Server Directory unless it has a score of at least 20. This is because Ser Aymeric would prefer not to direct people who are looking for new servers to join to Discords that aren't fun and active places to be in!

How do I improve my score?

Your server's score will naturally improve if your usage of Ser Aymeric grows & your server's members become more chatty. As a Discord owner, these are obviously things you care about & Ser Aymeric can help you!

Firstly, consider obtaining the donation rewards for your server.

The bot's high-quality music plugin allows your members to create playlists & stream music directly from YouTube, instantly making your Discord a more interesting one to be part of.

The profiles plugin too, can greatly encourage activity between members of your Discord. Your members will level-up as they talk & compete for the top ranks on the chat leaderboard. More importantly though, every member gets a customisable profile image that they can summon into the chat in order to show off or add some personality to their identity within your Discord.

If you're the type of Discord administrator that likes to visualise server growth & activity then the Statistics plugin is for you. You will be able to see graphs that show your most active times of day, how many messages were sent your server comparative to the past four months, see how many people have joined & left the Discord, even see which channels have been your most active, and so much more!

Ser Aymeric has plenty more features that can encourage either serious conversation or laughter. Please see the home page or the F.A.Q & Tutorials page for more information.