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...for the 11/10 amazing Discord bot...
202759 users
2232 servers
107 available commands

1. Ser Aymeric is free to use. Invite him to your Discord! 2. Login to this website to access your Discord's bot settings page 3. Enable plugins & configure plugin settings

By Lethys
and Roxas

Discord's best bot for Free Companies, large communities & raiders!
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What is Ser Aymeric?

Ser Aymeric is a feature-rich and actively developed Discord bot. Here's what's included:
1 A page on this website dedicated to your server's content that all your members can access and enjoy. See chat leaderboards, a list of Twitch streamers, upcoming events and more.
2 A page to configure your server and see an overview of activity statistics for the last 4 months. See how many messages were sent this month compared to last, how many people joined & left or how many songs were played, e.t.c.
3 Your members will be able to access and manage their own image profile & data through this website too! They can select a new background, colour scheme & see what badges they've earned
4 Copious amounts of fun or useful features to engage your members with the server or assist you in managing it. Check out the features and commands pages to see what you can do with Ser Aymeric!

Setting up Ser Aymeric

Invite Ser Aymeric.
Log in to this website (no registration process as it uses Discord's API) and enable plugins from your new server config page. If your server doesn't appear under the "Manage My Servers" menu, please log out and in again.
Take a look at the F.A.Q page to get some tips on what you can accomplish such as how to notify a channel of new posts from Reddit or Twitter, or setup Self-assignable roles.

Advertising your Discord

Another great feature of Ser Aymeric is that you can advertise your server on this site! To do this, Please go to your server's config page and set your server to public you are responsible for ensuring that the Discord invite link works.
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