Ser Aymeric Premium
Ser Aymeric is a passion for us & we're always working on new features and improving existing ones! Most of the bot's features are 100% free to use however, we offer a few attractive rewards for Patreon supporters that will help empower you to manage your Discord and engage your members in a fun way!

Secure transactions with Patreon via PayPal
Awesome rewards including music streaming & playlist management & analytics!
Rewards apply to all Discords that you own!

Premium-only Features

Here's what you get for subscribing to the Ser Aymeric Premium service

Stream high quality music into a voice channel directly from YouTube, Ser Aymeric can even find the songs for you based on text input so you don't have to leave Discord! Manage your queue & create playlists to enjoy over and over again with ease!

Reaction Roles

Ser Aymeric gives all Discord's the ability to allow their members to assign their own roles through the custom commands feature for free. However, our premium service makes it possible for your Discords to use Reaction Roles. This is where you configure a custom emoji & a role and members simply react to a message with that emoji to toggle the role. It's a really great usability improvement, especially for mobile users!


Ever been curious to see how your Discord has grown over time? Or perhaps to see how active it is this month compared to last or even your most active members and channels?

Ser Aymeric Premium gives you knowledge about your community that empowers you to run it ever better with a special page on this website packed with interesting charts.

Increased Limits

Patrons receive significantly increased limits on their data, such as streamers, quotes, timers, playlists, songs & Twitter/ Reddit feeds.

Premium Support

As a premium subscriber you are our top priority & we will give you next level support & assistance with the bot in your Discord when you need it.

Special Role & Profile Badges

As another way of saying thank you, you will receive a special premium role in the bot's own Discord & you will also receive a special profile badge to show off to your friends that you are one of the people who help to make Ser Aymeric as great as it is.

Thank you!

You're awesome