Ser Aymeric Premium
Affordable. For the same price as a Spotify subscription.
Secure. Transactions are handled by PayPal via Patreon.
Great rewards to enhance your Discord and make it stand out as one of the best
Choose up to 3 Discords to unlock premium (you don't have to own them!)
Friendly support. Need help? Just ask!
Support the project, help to cover the costs of running it, developing it and maintaining it.

Unlocking Ser Aymeric Premium

Here's how to support Ser Aymeric via Patreon and unlock rewards for 3 Discord servers of your choosing:
1. Sign-up on Patreon

Visit our page on Patreon. Once you have an account, you will be able to subscribe to Ser Aymeric.

Thank you for being awesome!

2. Connect your Discord

You must then connect your Discord account to your Patreon account so that Ser Aymeric knows the amazing person is that has chosen to support the project. See here for more information.

3. Join Our Discord

Join our Support Discord. Once you have the special role there that we only give to patrons, Ser Aymeric will know to allow you access to the ?premium command.

4. Manage Your Servers

Use the ?premium command in your Discord! This command will allow you to manage the Discords you have unlocked premium for. You can add, remove, clear and view these servers.

Premium Feature: Insights


Visualise your Discord's growth and activity over time with beautiful and interactive charts. Ser Aymeric can help you understand your community and run it ever better equipped with knowledge about its most active times, most active members and channels, most used commands, and so much more.

Premium Feature: Music


Stream high quality music into a voice channel directly from YouTube or SoundCloud, Ser Aymeric can even find the songs for you based on text input so you don't have to leave Discord! You can even queue entire playlists!

Our music player can be controlled entirely with reactions, with back-tracking, skipping, pausing, shuffling, e.t.c. for your convenience but commands are also available.

If the user is not an admin of the Discord or the current "DJ", then you can enable voting for actions to prevent trolling.

We have music servers deployed in both the United States and the European Union to ensure we can deliver good performance.

Premium Feature: Reaction Roles

Reaction Roles

Ser Aymeric gives all Discords the ability to allow their members to assign their own roles through the custom commands feature for free. However, our premium service makes it possible for your Discords to use Reaction Roles.

This is where you configure a custom emoji to correspond to a role and members simply react to a message with that emoji to toggle the role. It's a really great usability improvement, especially for mobile users!

The really great thing about Ser Aymeric's reaction roles feature is that you can specify requirements for reaction roles. For example, if you only want members to obtain a role if they've been a member for at least 2 weeks, you can.

Premium Feature: Customisable Profiles

Customisable Profiles

If the profiles feature-set is enabled, all members of your Discord can summon a profile card into the chat. Here they can view how much experience and reputation points they've collected and other information that is fun to show off to other users such as the badges they've earned by participating in your community.

Members of premium-enabled Discords however, have special responses to the bot's ?profile command. These are high-quality and fully customisable images. Choose your background image, font colours and shape opacity.

The profiles feature-set is essentially a reward system for participation in Discord servers and enables your users to feel better connected to your community. Our customisation features enhance that connection admin are a great gift to give your members.

Premium Feature: Embed Creator

Embed Creator

Another reward for premium-enabled communities is the ability to use Ser Aymeric's embed creator tool. This will allow you to post embed messages to a specified channel that can contain markdown, formatted fields and images.

Embed messages are generally much more readible to users and a good use-case for these is for an about channel where you put important information about your community such as rules.

Please see our message formatting guide for details about how to include role and channel mentions in your messages.

Premium Feature: Increased Limits

Increased Limits

Although most of our features are free to use, to conserve resources, limits are imposed on some of Ser Aymeric's features such as quotes, feeds, streamers and timers e.t.c. Premium enabled communities have significantly increased limits.

You can view your limits when accessing the relevent features on your Discord's settings dashboard on this website. Where applicable, limits are shown in places where you can add items.

Premium Rewards

To say thank you for supporting the project we also give you some personal rewards, for you alone as a patron:

  • Special role in Ser Aymeric's Discord
  • Donator profile badge
  • The ability to set your own background image on your Final Fantasy XIV character card.

Thank you!