Ser Aymeric

General-purpose, heavily customisable and feature-rich bot

Officially Verified by Discord

Installation & Configuration

Ser Aymeric is super easy to get set up in your Discord, here's how:
1. Invite

Click the invite button on the menu bar on this page to invite Ser Aymeric. You will be taken to a page on Discord's website & prompted to choose a server to add it to.

2. Use

Use & enjoy the bot. Ser Aymeric will work in your Discord straight away without any additional steps. You can change the command prefix or customise commands & features from this website.

3. Customise

Once the bot has been invited, you will be logged in to this website securely using Discord OAuth. You will be given access to pages where you can fully customise the bot's settings & commands.

4. Share

Your Discord will also be given access to a "Home" page which is accessible by all of your members. From here you can view chat leaderboards, quotes & streamers.


Ser Aymeric is the most feature-rich & professional Discord bot around.

Changeable command prefix

Customise every command

Profiles & Levelling

Earn experience & level-up as you chat. Earn role-rewards & badges for your participation in a Discord. Show off your profile card to other members.

Custom Commands

Create custom commands with multiple different types of actions including assigning roles, changing nicknames or random responses.


Keep your Discord & members in order with plenty of useful moderation commands. Ser Aymeric can automatically moderate your Discord too & automatically purge messages.


High quality music streaming to your voice channels from YouTube & SoundCloud. Type a command with a song name & the bot will search & play for you! Works with playlists too!


Plenty of charts to help you understand your Discord including when it's most active and who your most active members are for both text and voice chat.

Live Streamers

Announce in a channel with a preview image & assign a role to members when they go live on Twitch, Mixer or Picarto.

Twitter & Reddit Posts

Subscribe to new posts from your favourite Twitter or Subreddit. Make sure your members are kept up to date with the latest posts!

New Members

Greet & assign a role to new members of your Discord.

Reaction Roles

Allow your members to toggle roles in your Discord by reacting to a message that lists reaction roles that you have configured.


Allow your members to save particularly funny, wholesome or interesting messages for recalling later.

Timers & Events

Post messages throughout the week at certain intervals. This feature can be used to remind members that it's raid night, for example. React to these messages to indicate your agreement or attendence.


Want to treat your members to something nice? Set up a giveaway & your members can react to enter the competition. Winner(s) will be picked at random after the specified end date.

Web dashboard

Share your home page with your members