Frequently Asked Questions
Please visit our guides section for more detailed help on how to operate the bot.
We also have a ?help function. See here for more information.
If you'd like to talk to a human, please contact us in our Discord. We don't bite!
Is the bot free to use?
The vast majority of the bot's features are free to use and always will be. However, we do offer a premium service that allows you to unlock some special features for your Discord, such as high quality music streaming, an increased cap on your Discord's limits for custom commands, live streamer notifications e.t.c, and also detailed insights about the growth and activity of your Discord over time in the form of beautiful and interactive charts. As the bot gets bigger, it gets more costly to run. The premium service helps us with this and we hope that you enjoy the rewards we give you for offering your support.
What permissions does the bot need?
To use most of the bot's commands, it will need the 'Send Messages', 'Read Messages', 'Embed Links', 'Attach Files', and 'Add Reactions' permissions. If however, you would like to use the Custom Commands feature for self-assignable roles, the bot will need the 'Manage Roles' permission, and his role must be above all roles you configure as self-assignable in your Discord's roles hierarchy. Many of the bot's Moderation commands will need additional permissions such as 'Manage Messages', 'Kick' and 'Ban'. Please see our permissions guide for more information.
Can I restrict command usage?
Yes! Every one of the bot's commands, and custom commands that you create can be restricted to be used by members with specific roles, and in specific channels. Please do this from within the interaction settings menu within your Discord community.
Is Ser Aymeric still in development? Many other bots seem not to be.
Yes! Ser Aymeric is always being worked on and we try to provide support around the clock too.
Does Ser Aymeric ever go down?
It does occasionally, but not for long. Unfortunately as with any technology application that works across the internet, we are at the mercy of environmental factors, such as problems with Discord's API or Gateway, problems at the datacenters that host our application, or problems with any of the servers that comprise Ser Aymeric. Additionally, some updated that are made by the developers require restarts of the application which take only minute.

Whatever the reason for the down time, however. We communicate this in our Discord. We can also assure you that Aymeric is never down or offline for too long. In the past year maximum downtime has lasted for only half an hour.
What happens if I kick Ser Aymeric?
All data and configuration pertaining to that Discord gets wiped from our database.
Security & Privacy
Where is Ser Aymeric hosted?
Our servers are located on professional, industry-recognised and award-winning datacenters in both North America and Europe.
Is Ser Aymeric secure?
Yes, all of our servers are firewalled to allow access to only two individuals. Our databases are also encrypted and connections to our servers occur over secure SSL. We also use CloudFlare as a defence mechanism on our website.
Does Ser Aymeric adhere to Discord's API Terms of Service?
Of course! We absolutely care to ensure to conform to Discord's Terms of Service, which you can read about here.
What is Ser Aymeric's Privacy Policy?
You can read our detailed privacy policy here.
Does Ser Aymeric store any personally identifying information about me?
No. Discord does not expose your real name, address, I.P. address, bank details e.t.c on their API. So it isn't possible even to obtain it. Nor would we. Bots can ask for your permission to access your email address, but explicit consent from you is required and this is not something we need or ask for.
When I log in to Ser Aymeric's website, why am I asked for permission to know what Discord servers am I a member of?
This is simply to provide for the navigation menu so that you can configure your Discord's settings, e.t.c. Very basic information is provided to us about these such as the ID and name and what permissions you have there. This allows us to determine whether you are the owner/ an admin in order to provide you with specific functionality on Ser Aymeric depending on your permissions.
Does Ser Aymeric share any of its data about individual Discords or users with 3rd parties?
Absolutely not.
Does Ser Aymeric have access to read message content?
No, we use Discord's interaction API and have not applied for the privileged gateway intents. This means that we do not have access to message content anywhere.
How much is the premium service?
The premium service is available from only $9.99 a month. As little as a Spotify subscription!
If I subscribe to Ser Aymeric Premium, which Discords do I get the rewards for?
The premium service will allow you to unlock the rewards for up to 4 Discords of your choosing, depending on the package you choose. You do not have to be the owner of the Discord to unlock rewards for it.
Do I have to be the owner of a Discord to obtain premium service rewards for it?
No. Anyone may do this for any Discord.
I have subscribed to Ser Aymeric Premium, how do I unlock the rewards?
It's easy! Simply go to the subscription page on this website (the menu under your avatar on the top right of the navigation page). Here you can add and remove servers to your premium subscription. If you need any help, hop into our support server and ask one of the developers.
My premium subscription expired, will I lose any configuration?
No, don't worry. Features will be disabled if your premium subscription expires, however any configuration you've added or settings you've changed will remain intact in the event that you want to re-activate it at a later date.
What platforms can I play music from?
Currently the ?play command allows links from YouTube and SoundCloud.
What happens if the DJ leaves the voice channel?
If the DJ leaves, then a new member in the voice channel is nominated to be the new DJ so you can collectively maintain control over the music player. If you are a priviledged member of your Discord, however. You can use the ?dj command to choose a new DJ, or a specific DJ if you pass a member mention as a parameter to the command.
Can I change the default volume?
Yes, you can change the default volume setting from the music module of your Discord's settings dashboard.
Can I disable having to vote for operations?
Yes, you can disable voting from the music module of your Discord's settings dashboard.
What happens if I change my Discord's voice region whilst I am playing music?
Ser Aymeric will automatically handle the switch without issue!
Which voice region is best for Ser Aymeric's music
Ser Aymeric's music processing server is currently hosted in the European Union. To get the best quality, please use a voice region there.
Can I queue entire YouTube playlists?
Yes, provide the playlist link as a parameter to the ?play command.
Can I search for a song by song name?
Yes, you don't have to provide links to the ?play command. Simply pass the name of the song as a parameter to the command and Aymeric will search for it for you and queue it automatically.
Why does the bot tell me there was an error playing a track?
Unfortunately music bots may encounter issues playing some tracks. Reasons for this include region locks and if the video has been made unavailable. In these cases, Aymeric will notify you that the track could not be played and skip to the next song in the queue.
What happens if I change the voice region of my Discord whilst playing music?
Ser Aymeric should continue playing with no interruption.
Role Management
Can Ser Aymeric give roles to members when they join?
Yes, see the New Members module for this.
Can Ser Aymeric allow my members to manage their own roles?
Yes, there are two ways you can achieve this. Firstly, we provide a powerful custom commands feature that allows you to create your own commands with multiple actions e.g. random responses to users in a channel or assigning/ removing roles. Secondly, our premium services includes a reaction roles feature that allows you to configure roles to assign to a user when they react to messages.
My roles commands/ reaction roles are not working, why?
A couple of things to check:
  • Does Ser Aymeric have the "Manage Roles" permission in your Discord?
  • Is Ser Aymeric's role above other roles that you wish the bot to assign to other users?
Message Formatting
Can I include role/ user mentions in the messages I configure Ser Aymeric to send?
Yes. You can ask Ser Aymeric to mention roles and users. Please see our message formatting guide for more information.
How do I add an event?
You can add event via the event module on your Discord's settings dashboard.
If I update an event, will it update automatically within Discord?
Yes, providing the event hasn't already started. If you have changed the reactions for the event these will also be updated on the message and people will have to reselect.
Why do events only refresh in Discord every 60 seconds?
Ser Aymeric is a member of some very large Discord servers, so to ensure that the feature is reliable and performant in the event that thousands of people react to an event, refresh happens once every 60 seconds.
I have reacted to an event, why hasn't it updated?
Attendees are calculated once every 60 seconds according to the time they reacted. The most recent reaction is the one that counts.
What happens if I react multiple times?
Event attendance is on a first come first served basis. Your previous reactions will not be automatically removed, so please choose wisely and efficiently if you want to claim a spot.
What happens if I delete an event message within Discord?
If you delete an event message and the event hasn't yet started, it will be reposted. If you delete it and the event has ended nothing will happen until the next scheduled time, providing the event is recurring. If you wish to disable an event completely please do so from your Discord's settings page on this website.
Why won't my event post?
If Ser Aymeric encounters an error when posting an event, for example due to a lack of permissions, then your event will be automatically disabled. This is to prevent resources being taken up by failing events. In this case, please review Ser Aymeric's permissions and re-enable your event.
What permissions does the events feature need?
Ser Aymeric will need the "Read Messages", "Send Messages", "Embed Links", "Add Reactions", "Use External Emoji" permissions.
Timed Messages
How do I add a timer?
You can add "timers" via the timers module on your Discord's settings dashboard.
Can Ser Aymeric send messages at regular intervals?
Timers can run once or many times per day at configured intervals between a starting time. For example, you can have a timer that announces "it's time to do a thing", every Tuesday at 2pm pacific time. Or perhaps, it's "time to raid" at 7:30pm GMT on Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays. You may also run a timer that posts a message every hour between 4pm and 10pm eastern time.
What stream providers does the bot work with?
Twitch, Mixer and Picarto.
How long does it take for the bot to announce a streamer?
We check the relevant APIs for the streamer once every 10 minutes, so please allow some time for the notifications to appear.
Why doesn't the bot support YouTube?
Unfortunately, we had to drop support for YouTube streaming as their API's key quota/limits are reached too quickly for us to be able to provide this feature to a large membership. Sorry about this, we know that the feature is a popular demand.
The streamer I've added isn't being announced, why?
Please ensure you have given the bot permissions to "Read Messages", "Send Messages" & "Embed Links" otherwise the announcement cannot be posted. Please also allow some time for the bot to check the streamer's status
How can I get the bot to post news from the Lodestone?
Go to the FFXIV module on your Discord's settings dashboard on our website. You can enable posts in a specific channel there.
Why is my character information out of date in look-up commands such as ?whoami and ?whois?
Square Enix have a process that updates the Lodestone with fresh character data once every 6 hours. Unfortunately, we can only obtain character data from the Lodestone itself, so there may be some delays.
Why can't Ser Aymeric find my character when I try adding it?
The bot is using Lodestone's search function to find your character. The search function isn't perfect, especially if your character name is short and sometimes we may not be able to find results. However, if you are able to access your character's profile on the Lodestone, the URL to that profile contains your character's ID. You may save your character using that ID instead.
Why hasn't fashion report been posted this week?
Our fashion report feature is provided by Ms Kaiyoko Star. Sometimes they may not be able to complete the report for a given week.
Some FFXIV commands are not working, why?
If the Lodestone is currently down, then Ser Aymeric cannot use the site to look-up information. Please try again later. This usually happens during a time when FFXIV is being patched.
Can Ser Ayemric respond in languages other than English?
Yep! Ser Aymeric's command menu will be presented in English, French, German and Japanese depending on the language of your Discord client.