Frequently asked questions
If you require technical support or have any other questions please join our Discord
Can I get game news posted to my Discord from the Lodestone?
Yep! The bot listens for new news and dev blog posts on the Lodestone. Just login and go to your Discord's manage page on this website to enable this.
My character information is outdated, why?
Square Enix have a process that updates the Lodestone with fresh character data once every 6 hours. Unfortunately, we can only obtain character data from the Lodestone itself, so there may be some delays.
Can Ser Aymeric allow my members to manage their own roles?
Yes, there are two ways you can achieve this with Ser Aymeric. Firstly, we provide a powerful custom commands feature that allows you to create your own commands with multiple actions e.g. random responses to users in a channel or assigning/ removing roles. Secondly, our premium services includes a reaction roles feature that allows you to configure roles to assign to a user when they react to messages.
How do I add a quote?
Simply add the ?? reaction to any message.
Can I delete quotes?
Yes, you can do this from your Discord's manage page under the quotes plugin settings.
Can Ser Ayemric respond in languages other than English?
Yep! Ser Aymeric can speak English, French, German & Japanese. You can set a default language from your Discord's manage page & users can override this setting to have their responses in a different language by using the ?setlanguage command. Please note that this functionality is limited.
Can I change the command prefix in my Discord server?
Yes! You can use the ?setprefix command for this. Your new prefix must be a single, non-alphanumeric character, however. For example !, ?, %, ^, etc.
I've forgotten my Discord's command prefix. What can I do?
Simply mention Ser Aymeric's username with the word 'prefix' and the bot will tell you. For example, type '@Ser Aymeric what is the command prefix?
What permissions does the bot need?
To use most of the bot's commands, it will need the 'Send Messages', 'Read Messages', 'Embed Links', 'Attach Files', and 'Add Reactions' permissions. If however, you would like to use the Custom Commands feature for self-assignable roles, the bot will need the 'Manage Roles' permission, and his role must be above all roles you configure as self-assignable in your Discord's roles hierarchy. Many of the bot's Moderation commands will need additional permissions such as 'Manage Messages', 'Kick' and 'Ban'.
Can I restrict command usage?
Yes! Every one of the bot's commands, and custom commands that you create can be restricted to be used by members with specific roles, and in specific channels. You can also configure roles for which members cannot execute commands at all.
What stream providers does the bot work with?
The bot listens to when streamers go live on Twitch, Mixer, YouTube and Picarto.
Is the bot free to use?
The vast majority of the bot's features are free to use and always will be. However, we do offer a premium service via Patreon that allows you to unlock some special features for your Discord, such as high quality music streaming & playlist management, an increased cap on your Discord's limits for custom commands, live streamer notifications etc, and also detailed analytics about the growth and activity of your Discord over time in the form of beautiful and interactive charts.
How much is the premium service?
The premium service is available from our Patreon for only $10 a month. As little as a Spotify subscription!
I have subscribed to Patreon for the premium service, how do I collect the rewards?
It's easy! Connect your Discord account to your Patreon account, and join the bot's official Discord. Once you have been given the special Patron role, you will then be able to use the ?premium command to unlock the premium service for. The ?premium command will allow you to view & manage this service in any Discord.