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Some helpful guides on how to make the most of Ser Aymeric
Permissions Guide
About Permissions
Please see Discord's guide on permissions here.
When inviting Ser Aymeric we automatically pre-select Administrator permissions for you. This is because many Discord owners may not be familiar with Discord's permissions system and unselecting this would mean extra attention is required to what permissions the bot does and doesn't have in order for its features to work. We are of course, committed to Discord's Terms of Service regarding API usage so your Discord is in safe hands with Ser Aymeric! However, for advanced Discord owners, the bot does not require Administrator permissions. Please see below for a list of permissions the bot does need for individual functions.
Minimum Permissions
At a bare minimum we advise you to ensure that Ser Aymeric has "Read Messages", "Send Messages", "Embed Links", "Attach Files" & "Add Reactions" in every channel you want the bot to operate in & every channel you have configured in some way from your Discord's settings page. This will ensure that the bot will be able to post messages like responses to commands, live streamer notifications & feeds from Twitter, Reddit & the Lodestone if you have configured them.
Role Hierarchy
Ser Aymeric's role must be above any other role in your Discord's role hierarchy that you have asked Ser Aymeric to manage in some way.
Text Channel Permissions
Manage Roles
The following features require this permission
  • Custom commands if you have set up command actions that can assign or remove roles, live streamer notifications
  • Live streamer notifications if you have configured the bot to assign a role to a user when they go live on Twitch, YouTube, Mixer or Picarto
  • New Members, if you have configured the bot to assign a role to new members with they join your Discord
  • Final Fantasy XIV, if you have configured the bot to assign roles for Datacenter, World & achievements
  • Auto-moderator for assigning/ removing roles when offences are committed
Manage Messages
The following features require this permission
  • Moderation for the clearing of messages
  • Moderation for the muting of users
  • Moderation for the locking of channels
  • Moderation for warning users
  • Auto-moderator for deleting messages containing Discord invite links/ bad words, etc
Kick/ Ban users
The following features require this permission
  • Moderation for kicking/ banning users
  • Raid mode for kicking users
  • Auto-moderator for kicking/ banning users
Manage Nicknames
The following features require this permission
  • Custom Commands for the creation of commands with actions that change user's nicknames
Attach Files
The following features require this permission
  • Final Fantasy XIV to upload character information cards, character portraits and character equipment cards
  • Utilities for the user avatar command
Embed Links
Required by most features, to post responses containing Discord embeds
Send Messages
Required by every feature
Read Messages
Required by every feature
Voice Channel Permissions
The following features require this permission
  • Music for streaming music to a voice channel
The following features require this permission
  • Music for streaming music to a voice channel
Setting up self-assignable roles
What are self-assignable roles?
Self-assignable roles are created with Ser Aymeric's Custom Commands plugin and are a way for your Discord's members to choose roles for themselves via bot commands without having to ask your Discord's management team to do it for them. You might use this feature to allow members to select which channels they have access to, or to select their own coloured roles.
What are custom commands?
One of Ser Aymeric's super useful features is the ability for you to create your own bot commands. Each command is fully customisable, allowing you to control who can invoke them and in what channels and allow you to have up to 5 actions the bot should take when the command is invoked. These actions include sending messages, managing roles and managing nicknames.
Required permissions
"Manage roles", "Manage Nicknames", "Send messages" & Ser Aymeric's role must be above any self-assignable role in your Discord's role hierarchy.
Go to your Discord's settings page
  • Login to this website with your Discord account
  • Click on your Discord's icon in the navigation bar
  • In the expanded menu, click on "Manage" to access your Discord's settings
  • Scroll down the page of plugin settings buttons and click on "Custom Commands"
This is your custom commands management section. From here you are able to add, edit & delete your custom commands and view your Discord's limits.

At a glance, you can see each command you've added, the text required to trigger it after your Discord's own command prefix {p} and any groups you've assigned to that command.

Those who subscribe to Ser Aymeric's premium service via Patreon are rewarded with triple the amount of custom commands they can add to their Discords.
Add/ edit custom commands
This is the text after your Discord's command prefix {p} that will be used to trigger the command.
Command triggers must not contain spaces and must consist of alpha-numeric characters only with the exception of - _ / characters
You may wish to group commands together. This is simply a text name to categories your command and is used by the {p}roles & {p}customcommands commands to allow users to select from a paginated menu, which group they'd like to view custom commands for.
You can control who can invoke your custom commands and in what channels they can be invoked. If you do not specify any roles or channels then the command will be unrestricted.
This setting means the bot will choose a single, random respond or DM action from those you have configured to enact.

One command, multiple memes!
The toggle actions allows you to configure a role that will be assigned to the user when they invoke your command if they don't already have it, or remove it if they do with a single custom command.

You may be familiar with some bot's using the {p}joinrole role and {p}leaverole role notation. But Ser Aymeric makes this much simpler.
Simply assign a role to the user if they don't already have it.
Remove one of the user's roles.
The clear action removes all of the user's other self-assignable roles in the same group that you have configured. If you have not named a group for any of your self-assignable role commands then all other self-assignable roles will be removed.
List your commands!

List all of your custom commands, excluding those with self-assignable roles


List all of your custom commands with self-assignable roles

?roles group

List all of your custom commands in a given group with self-assignable roles

Example custom command: Suggestion command that assigns a contributor role
Example custom command: Funny command with a randomised response
Example custom command: Toggle a self-assignable role and toggle nickname prefix
Message Formatting
Did you know?
You can heavily customise the bot's responses where there is an option to tell Ser Aymeric what to say. For example, in custom commands, new member greetings, auto-moderator responses & raid mode, e.t.c. See below for some helpful tips as to how!
How to obtain Discord IDs of things
Please see this guide on how to obtain the IDs by enabling developer mode. You can also obtain IDs by prefixing a role mention or custom emoji with a backslash into the chat, e.g. \:blobcatgooglewave: or \@Developers
Mark Down
Please see this guide on how to use mark down in your messages. Mark down can be used in configurable bot messages too!
User, Role & Channel mentions
Type Structure Example
User <@USER_ID> <@80351110224678912>
User (Nickname) <@!USER_ID> <@!80351110224678912>
Channel <#CHANNEL_ID> <#103735883630395392>
Role <@&ROLE_ID> <@&165511591545143296>
Using the markdown for either users, roles, or channels will mention the target(s) accordingly.
Custom Emoji
Type Structure Example
Custom Emoji <:NAME:ID> <:blobcatgooglywave:216154654256398347>
Custom Emoji (Animated) <a:NAME:ID> <a:dontfeelsoblob:392938283556143104>