Some helpful guides on how to make the most of Ser Aymeric
Setting up self-assignable roles
What are self-assignable roles?
Self-assignable roles are created with Ser Aymeric's Custom Commands plugin and are a way for your Discord's members to choose roles for themselves via bot commands without having to ask your Discord's management team to do it for them. You might use this feature to allow members to select which channels they have access to, or to select their own coloured roles.
What are custom commands?
One of Ser Aymeric's super useful features is the ability for you to create your own bot commands. Each command is fully customisable, allowing you to control who can invoke them and in what channels and allow you to have up to 5 actions the bot should take when the command is invoked. These actions include sending messages, managing roles and managing nicknames.
Required permissions
"Manage roles", "Manage Nicknames", "Send messages" & Ser Aymeric's role must be above any self-assignable role in your Discord's role hierarchy.
Go to your Discord's "Manage" page and click the "Custom Commands" button
  • Login to this website with your Discord account
  • Click on your Discord's icon in the navigation bar
  • In the expanded menu, click on "Manage" to access your Discord's settings
  • Scroll down the page of plugin settings buttons and click on "Custom Commands"
This is your custom commands management section. From here you are able to add, edit & delete your custom commands and view your Discord's limits.

At a glance, you can see each command you've added, the text required to trigger it after your Discord's own command prefix {p} and any groups you've assigned to that command.

Those who subscribe to Ser Aymeric's premium service via Patreon are rewarded with triple the amount of custom commands they can add to their Discords.
Add/ edit custom commands
This is the text after your Discord's command prefix {p} that will be used to trigger the command.
Command triggers must not contain spaces and must consist of alpha-numeric characters only with the exception of - _ / characters
You may wish to group commands together. This is simply a text name to categories your command and is used by the {p}roles & {p}customcommands commands to allow users to select from a paginated menu, which group they'd like to view custom commands for.
You can control who can invoke your custom commands and in what channels they can be invoked. If you do not specify any roles or channels then the command will be unrestricted.
This setting means the bot will choose a single, random respond or DM action from those you have configured to enact.

One command, multiple memes!
The toggle actions allows you to configure a role that will be assigned to the user when they invoke your command if they don't already have it, or remove it if they do with a single custom command.

You may be familiar with some bot's using the {p}joinrole role and {p}leaverole role notation. But Ser Aymeric makes this much simpler.
Simply assign a role to the user if they don't already have it.
Remove one of the user's roles.
The clear action removes all of the user's other self-assignable roles in the same group that you have configured. If you have not named a group for any of your self-assignable role commands then all other self-assignable roles will be removed.
List your commands!

List all of your custom commands, excluding those with self-assignable roles


List all of your custom commands with self-assignable roles

?roles group

List all of your custom commands in a given group with self-assignable roles

Example custom command: Suggestion command that assigns a contributor role
Example custom command: Funny command with a randomised response
Example custom command: Toggle a self-assignable role and toggle nickname prefix
Message Formatting
Did you know?
You can heavily customise the bot's responses where there is an option to tell Ser Aymeric what to say. For example, in custom commands, new member greetings, auto-moderator responses & raid mode, e.t.c. See below for some helpful tips as to how!
How to obtain Discord IDs of things
Please see this guide on how to obtain the IDs by enabling developer mode. You can also obtain IDs by prefixing a role mention or custom emoji with a backslash into the chat, e.g. \:blobcatgooglewave: or \@Developers
Mark Down
Please see this guide on how to use mark down in your messages. Mark down can be used in configurable bot messages too!
User, Role & Channel mentions
Type Structure Example
User <@USER_ID> <@80351110224678912>
User (Nickname) <@!USER_ID> <@!80351110224678912>
Channel <#CHANNEL_ID> <#103735883630395392>
Role <@&ROLE_ID> <@&165511591545143296>
Using the markdown for either users, roles, or channels will mention the target(s) accordingly.
Custom Emoji
Type Structure Example
Custom Emoji <:NAME:ID> <:blobcatgooglywave:216154654256398347>
Custom Emoji (Animated) <a:NAME:ID> <a:dontfeelsoblob:392938283556143104>
Help Function
About Help
The bot's help function exists to allow you to review all of the bot's commands inside Discord. You can also view a complete list of commands on this website.
Reactions are attached to the help function to allow you to navigate the paginated list of commands. These buttons will only respond to the user who originally invoked the help function. Please ensure the bot has the "Add Reactions" permission for the help function to work.
Changed the command prefix?
All of Ser Aymeric's commands, even the help function will respond to the command prefix you have set inside your Discord. The help function will also list commands with your new prefix.
How to invoke the help function
The help command lists all the bot's commands. However, since there are so many the list is paginated. You can cycle through the pages using the reaction controls attached to the message. These reactions will only respond to the person that invoked the help function. The help function shows:
  • The different ways you can invoke a command, sometimes there are multiple depending on acceptable parameters.
  • A description of what the command does.
  • Shortcuts or aliases that will also invoke the command. For example, you don't have to type ?equipment, you can simply type ?eq
  • A link to our Twitter and support Discord, if you'd like additional help.
Please Note
Help's reaction controls will only respond to the user who invoked the function, and there is a timer. The bot will not respond to these commands forever. Please re-invoke the help function if some time has passed and it is no longer responsive.
?help {category}
Sometimes you may only want to view commands for a specific module. You can pass the name of the module to the ?help command as a parameter to view only commands for that module. Modules correspond to the categories you see on your Discord's settings page on our website, so for example:
  • Music
  • Profiles
  • Moderation
  • Information
  • Utilities
  • Fun
Please Note
Some modules don't have commands, as their features are configured entirely from your Discord's settings page on our website, for example the Twitter and Reddit feeds module. Though, in these cases there may be commands in the information module that enables you to view what you have configured.
?help {command}
You may also want to view information about a specific command only. This may be useful if you want to show the help to another user. If you use the help function for a specific command, you will also see some additional information about whether or not that command is enabled in that particular Discord, who can use it, and in which channels.
Command Prefix
What is a command prefix?
Discord bots listen for messages posted in channels for something they might need to respond to. A bot's command prefix is a character or series of characters that indicate to the bot that a response is required.
Ser Aymeric's default command prefix
Ser Aymeric's default command prefix is a single question mark. For example, if you post a message beginning with ? such as ?help, the bot knows that you have entered a command called 'help'.
How to change the command prefix for your Discord
Use the '?setprefix' command to change your Discord's command prefix. Please specify the new prefix as a parameter to this command. The new prefix must be a single punctuation character.
Only Administrators of your Discord can change the command prefix
You must be the Administrator of the Discord to use the ?setprefix command. Please also note that your members may be used to using Ser Aymeric in other Discord servers, so please ensure that you properly inform your members of what the prefix is in your server.
Have you forgotten your Discord's command prefix?
Simply mention Ser Aymeric's username with the word 'prefix' and the bot will tell you. For example, type "@Ser Aymeric what is the command prefix?"
Multi-language Support
Guide Coming Soon
Sorry this guide is not finished yet, please come talk to us in our Discord if you would like to know more about this topic.
Reaction Roles
What are Reaction Roles?
The reaction roles feature allow users to summon a menu with the ?rroles command, which will list the roles you have configured and automatically add the reactions to that menu. By specifying a group for each roles, you can have multiple reaction roles listed in a single message by providing the same group name.

You can specify whether your users will be notified about role changes in DM or not, whether the reaction is automatically removed again after it has been selected and whether or not users can have multiple roles from a group. If you specify that the reaction is automatically removed after selected then the user must select the reaction again to remove the role, otherwise they simply remove the reaction themselves to toggle the role off.
Premium-only Feature
Our reaction roles feature is for premium subscribers only. This is both a great way to enhance your Discord server by allowing user's to manage their own roles in a very accessible way, and also supports the project. If you'd like more information about this please see here. However, our custom commands features are very powerful and customisable and allow your users to manage their own roles too, and isn't part of the premium package.
Required permissions
"Add Reactions", "Manage roles" and Ser Aymeric's role must be above any reaction role in your Discord's role hierarchy.
Notify users of role changes in DM or keep the changes silent.
Categorise multiple roles together with a "group" to allow more user-friendly navigation of the ?rroles command, and to allow multiple messages to be pinned in a roles channel in your Discord.
Specify your own description text for each group.
Allow users to select one role, or multiple from a specific group.
The bot can either leave the reaction in-place when one of your users selects one, which means they can deselect the reaction to have the role removed, or you can specify that the reaction should instantly be removed, in which case the user must add the reaction again to toggle the role.
As with any of our commands, you can customise which roles can use the ?rroles command, and in which channel. By default everyone can use the command, but you can also leave the response which contains the reaction roles menu in a channel and it will continue to work.
Requirements enable you to specify that users must also have another role before they can obtain a reaction role, or that they must be a member of your Discord for x days.
Setting-up Reaction Roles
Where do I set-up Reaction Roles?
You can configure reaction roles from your Discord's "Manage" page on this website. Please use the navigation menu at the top right of this page to select your Discord, click on "Manage" and on your settings page, select the "Reaction Roles" button.
Go to your Discord's settings page
Reaction Role list
Here you will see a list of all the reaction roles you have configured along with their group. If you have not specified a group then the text "ungrouped" will be shown. Ungrouped in itself is still technically a group, so if you don't specify a group for any of your reaction roles they will be displayed together in an "ungrouped" category.

You may also delete your reaction roles from this list.
Click the "Add Roles" button to add a new reaction role
Group (optional)
The name of the group to assign to this (and other reaction roles) to list multple reaction roles together in a single message.
Emoji (required)
The reaction that is automatically added to the reaction roles menu that users can select from to assign/ remove a role.
Role (required)
The role to assign or remove when a user reacts to the reaction role menu.
Must first have role (optional)
Users cannot obtain the above role unless they also have this role.
Must be a member for x days (optional)
Users cannot obtain the above role unless they have been a member of your Discord for x days.
Scroll down to view all the groups you have attributed to reaction roles and configure options
Allow members only one role
If this is checked, then when a user selects a role from a reaction, then all other roles in this group will be removed from the user aside from this one.
The description text to give to this group. Allows you to specifically describe the group of reaction roles.
Use the ?rroles command!
Selecting Roles
Our role pickers that are related to the bot managing user's roles have some restrictions, please see the example below.
After clicking on the drop-down menu, you may enter text to search for a list of roles in your Discord.
Roles Not Shown
Role pickers will not show "managed" roles. These are roles that are given to specific bots you have invited to your Discord and cannot be removed unless you kick the related bot.
Roles Not Selectable
Discord's role hierarchy is important. Users cannot assign or remove roles that are above that user's own role in your Discord's role hierarchy. Roles that are above the bot's own managed role in your Discord are not selectable and are indicated by strikethrough text.
Listening to Music
Guide Coming Soon
Sorry this guide is not finished yet, please come talk to us in our Discord if you would like to know more about this topic.
Command Permissions & Restrictions
What are command permissions and restrictions?
Another one of Ser Aymeric's most useful features is that it allows you full control over whether or not a command is enabled, who can use it, in what channels, and also whether or not the invoking command and response should be deleted, allowing you to keep your channels super tidy! This guide demonstrates how to customise your commands at two levels.
Moderation Commands
Moderation commands are an exception. You may not edit the permissions of moderation commands from our website. Instead, as moderation commands can have a significant impact on your Discord, permissions to use them are taken directly from the role settings of individual users. For example, If a member uses the ?clear command to prune messages, the bot will only allow this command to work if that member has the ability to "Manage Messages" in your Discord.
Finding a command to edit
Edit Individual Commands
Each module on your Discord's settings page has a section that lists the commands for that module if it has any. Here, you may click the cog icon to bring up the edit menu, for permissions and restrictions or you may toggle the command on or off quickly without opening the edit popup.
Edit command
Command Settings
  • Enabled. If this is not checked then no member of your Discord will be able to use this command.
  • Administrators Only. If this is checked, then only members of your Discord with the Administrator permission will be able to use this command (this includes the owner).
  • Administrators Override. If this is checked, then members of your Discord with the Administrator permission will not be subject to any additional permissions you set on the command, for example, they will not be denied usage of the command if they use it in a channel you have specified that the command cannot be used in.
  • Allowed Roles. If you leave this field blank, then every member of your Discord can use this command. If you specify roles here then only members with those roles can use the command.
  • Denied Roles. If you specify roles in this field, then members with those roles will not be able to use this command. This setting takes precedence over the Allowed Roles setting.
  • Allowed Channels. If you leave this field blank, then this command can be used in any channel in your Discord. If you specify channels here then this command can only be used in those channels.
  • Denied Channels. If you specify channels in this field, then the command cannot be used in these channel. This setting takes precedence over the Allowed Channels setting.
  • On Success. If the command was processed without any errors, then you can specify whether the message that invoked the response should be deleted and whether or not the response should also be deleted after x seconds.
  • On Fail. If the command encountered errors or could not be processed, then you can specify whether the message that invoked the response should be deleted and whether or not the response should also be deleted after x seconds.
Mass command editor
Mass Command Editor
Ser Aymeric has so many commands available and so it is useful to be able to configure all of their permissions in bulk. The mass command editor allows you to do so and can be accessed from the module overview on your Discord's settings page on Ser Aymeric's website.
Edit Commands in bulk
When clicking on the mass command editor button, you will be shown a popup that looks very similar to the command permission editor. This menu however, has additional settings to allow you to fine tune which modules and commands the settings are applied to.
Please remember, when using the mass command editor, that some settings will not be applied to some commands. For example, role and channel configuration is not available to moderation commands as permissions for these commands are taken directly from permissions within Discord for safety reasons as discussed earlier.

In this example for the mass command editor, I am instructing the editor to apply settings to all commands in the Custom Commands, Final Fantasy XIV, Fun, Information and Profiles modules. When I apply these settings, which closes the popup, and then save my Discord's settings, these commands will not be usable with members who have the "Test B" and "Test D" roles. My Discord's Administrators will be able to use these commands regardless however. I have also specified that the command can only be used in the #bot-playground channel. Other commands in modules that I have not listed here will be unaffected by this change and will retain any settings I had before I used the mass command editor.
Resetting Commands
You may use the "Reset All Commands" button to revert all of your command configuration to default settings which will have been in place when you first invited the Ser Aymeric bot to your Discord. Default settings are discussed below.
Default Command Settings
By default, most commands will be enabled and be usable by everyone in your Discord when you invite Ser Aymeric to it, with the following exceptions:
  • Moderation commands can only be executed by members with relevant permissions within your Discord to execute them.
  • Giveaway commands can only be executed by members of your Discord with the Administrator permission. You can disable this, at which point only members with the "Manage Messages" permission can use these commands.
  • The ?updatereactionroles and ?welcome commands will also be administrator only by default.
What are timers?
The timers feature provides you with the means to get Ser Aymeric to automatically post a message in a channel in your Discord at a certain time of day, or at regular intervals between a start and end time on specific days.
Did you know?
You can heavily customise the bot's responses where there is an option to tell Ser Aymeric what to say. For example, you can include role, channel and user mentions in timers and emoji too! Please see our message formatting guide for instructions on how to do this. You can also use markdown.
Timers List
Managing Timers
The timers module on your Discord's settings dashboard on this website is where you can find the timers list. Here you can add new timers, edit or delete existing ones. Discord servers that have access to Ser Aymeric Premium can add more timers.
Timer Settings
Timer Configuration
The image on the left shows the popup that opens when you choose to add or edit a timer. Let's go through each setting.
Announce in Channel
The toggle switch here enables or disables the timer depending on whether it is toggled on or not. If you want to stop your timer but not delete it, this is the button you need. You must also select a channel here for the timer to be posted in. Please ensure the bot has the "Read Messages" and "Send Messages" permissions for the timer to post successfully.
Timer Text
This is the actual message that Ser Aymeric will post in the configured channel. Remember, you can use mentions and markdown.
Delete Previous
If this is toggled on, Ser Aymeric will delete the previous timer message when a new one has been posted. This is only applicable if you have configured a timer that occurs more than once on a particular day using the interval setting.
Post Once
If this is toggled on, the timer message will only be posted once on the configured days. This setting will cause the end and interval settings to be ignored, so those will be disabled.
The time to start posting the timer message. Please select a timezone corresponding to your location, this will also respect daylight savings time.
If the post once setting is toggled off, you may also select an end time for the timed messages to stop posting. This will take consideration of the timezone you configured with the start time setting. You will not be able to specify an end time that occurs before the start time.
If the post once setting is toggled off, the interval setting tells Ser Aymeric to post the timed message after every x minutes between the start and end time settings. This will reset at midnight in the time you have configured.
Please select the days you would like the timed message to be posted on. You must select at least one.