Privacy Policy
Your privacy is important to us! Here we detail information about what data we have access to & how we store it.
Please note that Ser Aymeric proudly has official verified status from Discord.
Please also note that Ser Aymeric has passed an independent audit requested from Discord by the developers on the 25th June 2020.
Last updated: 10th December 2020
Discord API
Developer Terms of Service
Ser Aymeric is fully compliant with Discord's developer terms of service. Click here to read it. In order to guarantee this compliance to our users the developer requested an independent audit from Discord on the 25th June 2020, which passed. You can verify that this audit took place by emailing their Trust and Safety team.
Personal Data
For information about what data Discord's API exposes about users please see here.

Ser Aymeric does not have access to your name, address, bank details or anything similar that you may have associated with your Discord account in some way. Discord bots can request access to your email address, but Ser Aymeric does not do this. This data has to be requested with your consent (for example, upon logging in to a website that authenticates you with Discord via OAuth).

We do not log to a file or otherwise store in a database your I.P. address when accessing our website.
Discord Server Data
When you log in to our website or invite the bot, Ser Aymeric asks you for permission to know what guilds/ servers you are a member of. This is very basic information which you can review here. We ask you for this so that a menu can be displayed on our website that allows you to access or manage the data related to you and guilds you are a member of.

We do not log to a file or otherwise store this information in a database with the exception of a link between your user id and guild/server id.
Message Data
All Discord bots function by listening to events sent by Discord, for example on_message, on_reaction_add, e.t.c. Bot features are reliant on these events and so as a user, if you do something in a Discord channel that a bot has permissions to see, the bot will have access to information about the message, or reaction for example, and who sent/ added it.

Ser Aymeric (as all bots do) uses these events to respond to commands. If a message is sent that starts with a "command prefix" then the bot will match the rest of the message against registered code that has been written to handle a command with paramters you give it.

If you would like more detailed information about these events, how bots work and the data they contain please refer to's documentation. is the only framework that Ser Aymeric uses to interact with Discord's API and is endorsed & recommended by Discord here.

Many Discord API frameworks operate an internal message cache. This message cache stores all messages a bot sees on the server so that events related to them can be received with all information about that message. Ser Aymeric has disabled this feature in and does not operate an internal message cache. You can view details about this here. So how does Ser Aymeric respond to the aforementioned events if it does not operate an internal message cache? Well, Discord's Gateway fires off "raw" events that do not contain message content. An example of which can be found here.
Those Discord servers that operate Ser Aymeric with access to our premium service have access to an Analytics feature that enables server owners to see statistics about the activity and growth of a server over time. This functionality is provided simply by incrementing counts of events that are sent to us from Discord.

Counts of events are not recorded for Discord servers who do not have access to Ser Aymeric's premium service.
Ser Aymeric does store your FFXIV character data to a database when you use the ?iam command. This includes the Lodestone ID, world, forename & surname and is stored to make it easier for you to use many of our FFXIV features that make API requests to 3rd party APIs (XIVAPI, FFLogs, FFXIV Collect, e.t.c.)
Length of Storage
We do not store any data for longer than is necessary. For example, if you delete any configuration, it no longer exists anywhere. If you leave a Discord server that Ser Aymeric is a member of, then the data held about your user (if any) is removed. If you remove Ser Aymeric from your Discord, then all data related to the configuration of the bot's features in that server will no longer exist.
Deleting Your Data
Your data is automatically deleted upon leaving a Discord, or kicking Ser Aymeric from a Discord. However, you can also manually delete your own data by logging into this website, selecting the Discord you would like to delete data from, selecting the "Me" option from the navigation menu and clicking on the delete icon on that page.
  • Ser Aymeric does not have access to or store information such as your name, address, email address, I.P. address, bank details or any other such information that you might have provided to Discord.
  • Ser Aymeric does store your user id, guild id, configuration of Ser Aymeric's features and your FFXIV character data (if you save it) in order to provide for the bot's feature set.
  • Any data is deleted after you either leave a Discord that Ser Aymeric is a member of, or the bot is removed from your Discord.
  • You can also manually delete your own data.
Control of Permissions
By default, when you invite Ser Aymeric to your Discord, all permissions are checked on the invite consent screen that is provided to you by Discord prior to the bot joining. This is to ensure all of Ser Aymeric's features work "out of the box" for less advanced Discord users and is intended to save people a lot of frustration and time. However, these permissions can be changed before the bot even joins your Discord and can be changed at any time once it has joined.

You are safe to leave these permissions as the default to save time and trouble but we understand that you might want to be cautious so please feel free to enable/ disable whatever permissions you deem necessary for your own Discord. The bot does not need every permission available to provide every feature. Please view our detailed guide on what permissions Ser Aymeric needs and why if you'd like to manage the bot's permissions on a more granular level.
Minimum Required
As a bare minimum we advise you to ensure that Ser Aymeric has "Read Messages", "Send Messages", "Embed Links", "Attach Files" & "Add Reactions" in every channel you want the bot to operate in and every channel you have configured in some way from your Discord's settings page. This will ensure that the bot will be able to post messages like responses to commands, live streamer notifications & feeds from Twitter, Reddit & the Lodestone if you have configured them. The bot does not need every permission available to provide every feature. Please view our detailed guide on what permissions Ser Aymeric needs and why if you'd like to manage the bot's permissions on a more granular level.
Changing Ser Aymeric's Permissions
What the bot can and can't do in your Discord can be changed at any moment with immediate affect. Simply go to your Discord's role settings, find Ser Aymeric's role and enable/ disable any permission you need.

For a full guide on how to work with Discord's permission system please see here.

Please also view our detailed guide on what permissions Ser Aymeric needs and why if you'd like to manage the bot's permissions on a more granular level.
You have complete control over what permissions Ser Aymeric has and can change them at any time, even before the bot joins your Discord! Please consider the permissions that Ser Aymeric needs in order to provide the features that you do want to enable, though.
Control of Features
Feature Enable/ Disable
You can disable any of the bot's features from your Discord's settings page at any time and the features will cease to operate in your server.
Command Enable/ Disable
You can disable any of the bot's commands from your Discord's settings page at any time and the features will cease to operate in your server.
Command Restrictions
Ser Aymeric also offers the ability to restrict command usage to certain channels and to certain roles.
You have complete control over which features and commands are enabled in your Discord server, who can use them, and in which channels. This level of control is uncommon for Discord bots and is something we take great provide in being able to give you.
Ser Aymeric is hosted on secure, professional, industry-trusted, reputable & award-winning datacenters and has multiple secure servers to handle the load of providing features to its 1 million users.
All data that Ser Aymeric stores is encrypted. You also interact with our website over secure, encrypted https.
We use CloudFlare to further enhance the performance and security of our website. Discord itself and MANY other companies use CloudFlare as a reputable platform
All our servers are heavily Firewalled to allow access to only 2 individuals that need access in order to main the the software and architecture.
Our website uses cookies to ensure that once you log-in, your session remains alive and we can refresh your authentication with Discord's API via the OAuth2 protocol. This means that you don't need to log-in every time you visit our website.

These cookies are secure, encrypted and are stored on our server rather than in your browser.

If you don't know much about OAuth2, that's okay, be assured though that we never see or have access to your log-in credentials for Discord and we will never ask you for them (nor should you give them out if anyone does!)

By logging in to our website either through the log-in function or the invite function, you consent to our use of cookies.
Transactions on this website for Ser Aymeric Premium are handled securely by Stripe. This is the same company that handled payments when purchasing Nitro from Discord, and also for verifying the identity of bot developers when they apply for verification status (as Ser Aymeric's developers did). Please review their Privacy Policy.
Sharing of Data
We do not, never have and never will sell or share any data we store with 3rd parties.
Open Source
Ser Aymeric
We understand any desire to see the code that comprises Ser Aymeric and any questions regarding what the bot does, why it does it and how. We hope this article has answered your questions and we offer you our guarantee that we simply aim to provide the most useful and fun bot we can to as many people to make lives just a little bit easier in some way. We have absolutely no malicious intentions and do no malicious acts that may compromise our years of hard work. We also ensure we are compliant with Discord's developer ToS.

Unfortunately we have no plans to make Ser Aymeric open source, as is the professional right of any developer, for two main reasons:

  • Ser Aymeric is a complicated and professional standard software system comprising enterprise-level architecture of many interdependent systems across multiple servers. It is simply not feasible for us to wrap all of this up into a single deployable package that anyone can install. It requires significant skill and knowledge to operate. One of our developers has been a professional software engineer for 8 years, and the other is a professional infrastructure engineer, and this is why we're able to go the extra mile.
  • We have worked on this project for almost 3 years and have dedicated a significant amount of our lives building this intellectual property and developing our relationship with our users. We simply do not want to just give our hard work away and leave us open to intellectual property theft.
Thank you for understanding!
We do support the open source trend in software development, however, and contribute/ work closely with the developers of XIVAPI. We have launched an open source project in collaboration with the developers of Kupo Bot which is an asynchronous Python client that can be used to interact with XIVAPI The project can be found on: For more information feel free to talk to us in Ser Aymeric's Discord or the XIVAPI Discord.