A list of features offered by this bot & the website
Many features are configured and enabled from your Discord's settings dashboard on this website, which you get access to upon inviting the bot.
Earn experience as you chat, level-up, get rewarded with roles and badges!
Earn EXP

Every time you chat, earn 15-25 experience points in a server and level-up! EXP gains have a 3 minute cooldown.

Earn Reputation

Fellow members can award you with reputation points once per day. Reputation points function as a way to acknowledge another member. Perhaps they have been particularly helpful.

Collect Badges

Collect badges for engaging in a Discord in certain ways. For example, you can earn badges for being a member for over 6 months, for reaching a certain level, for earning reputation points and cookies, e.t.c.

Collect Cookies

Collect cookies in your favourite Discord daily. You can trade them, and gamble them!

Profile Cards

Each member has a profile card they can summon to show off their badges, when they joined, how many rep and cookies they have. Profile cards are fully customisable for patrons. The background and colours can be changes and extra information is shown.

Role Rewards

If your server has it configured, you may earn role rewards for reaching certain rep and level thresholds.


All members of your Discord can access a page on this website pertaining to your server. This page shows leaderboards for members with the highest level, the most reputation points, and the most cookies.

Play music in a voice channel for your members.
Search or Link

Queue a song simply by typing a term for the bot to search for itself, or provide a valid YouTube or SoundCloud URL.


You can queue an entire YouTube playlist with a single command. Just enter the playlist URL.

Reaction Controlled

Our music player is reaction controlled. This means it's much easier to pause, resume, skip, shuffle and stop the music. Don't be bogged down by entering bot commands for music any longer!

High Quality

We have dedicated servers with high specs to process music requests and deliver good quality sound right to your voice channels.


DJ status is assigned to the member who first queues songs to the player. The DJ has super-user permissions over the music player. DJ status can be changed to a random or specific user on command.


If enabled, votes on actions to control music will need to be passed by a majority of users connected to the voice channel where Ser Aymeric is playing. Actions submitted by the DJ do not have to pass voting.

Volume Control

Set a default volume, or control the volume level from the reaction controlled music player.


Equalisers are available to change the sound of music you queue.

Allow your users to manage their own roles by clicking on a specific reaction in a menu you configure.

Configure custom emoji in your Discord to assign or remove roles. Summon a paged menu into a channel for users to browse or keep the menu in-place permanently.

Editable Description

You can configure a specific message to describe the purpose of reaction roles in a group.


Group your roles together with the same group name and they will appear on the same page in the reaction roles menu.

Role Requirements

You can indicate that members must already have another role or they must be a member of your Discord for x days before they can select a role.

See how your Discord is doing overtime with informative and interactive graphs!
Members By Month

View how many members your Discord has had each month for the past 12 months. You can also view how many members joined assigned left in each month and how many members you banned.

Most Active Channels

View the top 15 most active channels in your Discord and how many messages have been sent in each for the current month.

Most Active Users

View the top 15 most active users in your Discord and how many messages have been sent by each for the current month.

...and more

Lots of graphs for you to gain real insight about how your server is used, when, and how active it is over time.

Powerful automated tools to help keep your Discord clean & tidy with minimal effort.
Mute Users

Mute a user so they cannot post in a specific channel. You can also temporarily mute them. Ser Aymeric will automatically un-mute the user after the specified time.

Lock Channels

Lock a channel so members cannot post in it. You can also temporarily lock channels. Ser Aymeric will automatically unlock the channel after the specified time.

Prune Messages

Various commands to clear messages from a channel. Including messages by a specific user, messages after a message with ID, messages sent by bots, e.t.c.

Raid Mode

Automatically remove new users from your Discord when they join after sending them a configurable message. Useful if you want to temporarily "close" a public Discord without revoking invites.


Ser Aymeric can automatically remove messages containing bad words, invite links or mention spam, e.t.c. You can configure actions to take upon triggers such as deleting messages, kicking offending users.


Keep track of warnings administered to users who break your rules. A copy of the warning will be sent to the offending user.


You can ask Ser Aymeric to automatically delete messages in specified channels after a given time. Useful if you want to keep certain channels free of messages.

Event Logging

Ser Aymeric has extensive event logging capabilites. You can log to a channel when members join, leave, delete messages, receive a warning, post a message containing a bad word, e.t.c.

Create automated, timed, reaction-controlled giveaways with a random selection of winners!
Multiple Winners

Giveaways can have multiple winners. Ser Aymeric will select winners at random from those who have reacted to the giveaway with the :tada: emoji.

Ending Giveaways

Giveaways will automatically end after the time you initially specified when you created the giveaway however you can end it before this time is up if you wish to.

Re-roll Winners

For whatever reason, you may ask Ser Aymeric to randomly select new winners for a giveaway once it has ended.

Create your own commands with multiple actions and random responses.
Multiple Actions

You can configure each command you make to have up to 5 actions. This means you can make commands that can do up to 5 different things.

Randomise Actions

You can tell Ser Aymeric to pick a single action at random from those you have configured. Useful if you want to make a command that can have a different response when it's invoked.

Customisable Permissions

Configure who can use your command, in what channel, and whether or not the trigger or response will be automatically deleted after a given time.


Group your commands together with the same group name to enable users to navigate through relevant commands in a paged menu. Also useful if you make commands that can allow users to manage their own roles.

Respond in Channel

Configure text or a link, e.t.c, to be posted in reply to the command in the channel it was invoked in.

Respond in DM

Configure text or a link, e.t.c, to be posted in reply to the command in a direct message to the user that invoked the command.

Send Message

Configure text or a link, e.t.c, to be posted in reply to the command in a direct message to the user that invoked the command.

Nickname Prefix

Tell Ser Aymeric to prefix a user's nickname with some text when they invoke the command.

Assign Role

With this action you can create a command with an action to assign a role to a user when they invoke it.

Remove Role

With this action you can create a command with an action to remove a role from a user when they invoke it.

Toggle Role

With this action you can create a command with an action to toggle a role on or off a user when they invoke it depending on whether or not they already have that role.

Clear Group Roles

This action allows you to tell Ser Aymeric that it should check for other commands with the same group, and if there are any actions to assign a role to the invoking user, then those roles should be removed.

Create automated, recurring and reaction-controlled events according your local timezone!
Recurring Events

Schedule the times and days to post your event and it will automatically post on those days every week and allow your members to sign up to attend!

Reaction Types

Events support no reactions, reactions from tanks, healers and damage dealers, or reactions to indicate accepted, declined or tentative.

Multiple Groups

You can have up to 3 groups of people in a single event, useful for when you need separate independent parties to work together... but separately!

Send a message at regular intervals in a specific channel.
Starting Hour

You can choose what time the timers start on.


You can configure which days of the week the timer should be posted on.

Amount Per Day

You can choose whether or not a timer should be posted once on specific days, or at regular intervals from the starting hour until the next day.

Regular Intervals

Specify how many minutes should pass before a new post is made.

Delete Previous Posts

You can choose whether or not previous post should be deleted when a new post is made.

Send a message to new members when they join and give them a role.
Join Role

Assign a role to all members that join your Discord if you wish.


Welcome new members with a friendly greeting, or perhaps instructions in a specific channel or in Direct Message.

Get notified in your Discord when your favourite streamers go live on Twitch, Mixer or Picarto.

An announcement will be posted in a channel you configure when a streamer goes live. This message will contain a preview image of the stream where possible and some basic information about the stream/ streamer such as the stream title.

Live Role

You can ask Ser Aymeric to assign a role to any streamers in your Discord that go live. This role will be remove again when they go offline.


Ser Aymeric currently supports stream notifications from Twitch, Mixer and Picarto.

New posts from your favourite subreddit or Twitter account will be posted in your Discord.
Subscribe to new posts

Ser Aymeric currently supports Reddit and Twitter when checking for new posts to announce in your Discord. New posts will be checked every 15 minutes. You can configure which channel for each feed that the post should be announced in.

Lots of fun and useful features for lovers of Final Fantasy XIV.
Multi-language support

Our FFXIV features work with English, French, German and Japanese.

Save Your Character

Save your character using Ser Aymeric, and receive roles in a Discord if they have configured it such as your Datacenter, World, Free Company Name, Achievements, e.t.c. Saving your character enables you to use many commands without specifying additional parameters as a shortcut to your own.

Beautiful Character Cards

Save your character using Ser Aymeric and you will be able to summon beautiful character cards into the chat with information should as your equipment and glamour, the jobs you've levelled, your name and title, minions and mounts collected, e.t.c.

FFLogs Integration

Check a character's FFLogs data if it is not private. You will see their best DPS performance, fastest kill time, job spec and number of kills for Extreme Trials and Savage and Ultimate difficulty raids.

Character Achievements

View information about a character's achievements such as how many total points they have and their most recent achievements. This feature is reliant on a character's Lodestone profile being public.

World Status Checker

Check whether a specific world is online, if creation of new characters is permitted and whether or not it is a standard or preferred world.

Lodestone Posts

Get automatically notified of new posts from the Lodestone, including maintenance times converted to multiple timezones and dev blog.

Fashion Report

Courtesy of Miss Kaiyoko Star, you can subscribe to new fashion report posts and have them linked directly in your Discord.

Market Data

View the sale history, current highest and lowest prices across all worlds on a datacenter for a specific item using our market commands. This feature is powered by Universalis.

Recipe Look-up

Search for a recipe and view stats required to craft it, the difficulty level, master book it is obtained from (if applicable) and any ingredients needed to craft it.

Gathering Node Look-up

Search for a node and view useful information such as the time it spawns, which slot, the coordinates of a node and a map to enable you to locate it easily and at the right time.

Action Look-up

Search for an action (works with both PvP and PvE actions) and view useful information about it such as any affects, costs, radius of effect, e.t.c.

Item Look-up

Search for an item and view useful information about it, such as how to obtain it, materia slots, stats it provides, how to repair, e.t.c.

Minion Look-up

Search for an minion and view useful information about how to obtain it, Lords of Verminion battle stats and more.

Blue Magic Look-up

Search for Blue Magic and view useful information about how to obtain it and its affects.

Triple Triad Card Look-up

View information about Triple Triad cards including how to obtain them and their attributes in a match.

Free Company Look-up

Search for the name of a Free Company on a specific world and view information about it such as the rank, Grand Company allegience, the leader, when it was founded, how many members it has, and the type and location of its house if it has one.

Weather Look-up

You can search for a zone, and Ser Aymeric will tell you the current weather for that zone and a forecast of the next 5 weather cycles.

Lore Look-up

Our Lore command searches game text for any information regarding your criteria.

You cask ask Ser Aymeric to remind you about something after a given amount of time!
Translate from almost any language to almost any language using ISO-639-1 language codes.
With Ser Aymeric you can roll multi-sided dice using standard formula. Can perform some calculative operations.