~one bot to rule them all~
Changeable command prefix
Customise ANY command, including permissions & restrictions
Stream music to a voice channel directly from YouTube
Create your own playlists
Queue management
Volume control
Profiles & Levelling
Level up as you chat
Earn badges for participating in the Discord
Earn role rewards
Collect rep points from other members for being awesome
Twitter & Reddit Feeds
Subscribe to new posts on your favourite Twitter accounts
Subscribe to new posts on your favourite subreddits
Subscribe to news & dev blog posts from the Lodestone
Datacenter, world, F.C. or achievement roles when saving your character
Beautiful character cards showing classes levelled, minions, mounts & more
Beautiful equipment cards, showing glamours & item level
View the Market Board on any world
View your FFLogs parses for the entire expansion
Get detailed gathering node spawn times and locations with maps
View detailed information about crafting recipes & the mats/ stats required
View information about ingame actions
View detailed information about any F.C.
View the weather forecast in any zone
View detailed information about any maintenance downtime
View character achievements
View character attributes & item level
Lore finder
Announce something in a channel
Choose the days for the announcement
Choose the interval
Create giveaways for your members
Specify the number of winners
Choose a time for the giveaway to last
React to enter
New Members
Send a greeting to new members in a channel or DM
Assign new members a role
Translate from (almost) any language to (almost) any language
Store a funny or wholesome quote by one of your members
Custom Commands
Create your own commands
Allow members to assign, remove, toggle & clear roles
Group commands together
Get notified when any Twitch, YouTube, Mixer or Picarto streamer goes live
Assign a role to live streamers
Ban/ soft ban/ ban by ID
Mute/ temp mute
Lock/ temp lock a channel
Raid mode
Advanced pruning: messages
Advanced pruning: messages after a given message
Advanced pruning: messages sent by bots
Advanced pruning: messages with images
Advanced pruning: messages by a given user
Auto-moderator: auto-delete Discord invites
Auto-moderator: auto-delete messages with mass-mentions
Auto-moderator: auto-delete messages with caps spam
Auto-moderator: auto-delete messages with bad words
Auto-moderator: automatically warn/ kick/ ban users with x offences
Logging: log new members to a channel
Logging: log leavers to a channel
Logging: log bans to a channel
Logging: log warnings to a channel
Logging: log deleted messages to a channel
Total members by month
Joiners & leavers by month
Bans by month
Total messages by hour
Total messages by month
Total unique active users by month
Most active members
Most active channels
Most active members in voice channels
Command usage
Songs played
Most populous roles
Members with no role
Search the Internet
Command to search for a YouTube video
Command to search for a movie on IMDB
Command to search for your favourite Anime/ Manga
Command to search Urban Dictionary
Command to search for Pokémon
...and so much more...

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