Please note!

Ser Aymeric is free to invite and use and many of his features will be automatically enabled in your Discord when you do invite him. However, There are only 3 plugins that are unlocked as donation rewards in order to help to support the bot being as awesome as he is. If you would like to see more information about donating to supprt the project, please see here. Any member of your Discord can unlock rewards!

Below is an indepth preview of the bot's most popular features. Although this is by far not all he is capable of! It is indicated whether or not the plugin is unlocked as a donation reward. For a comprehensive list of commands that Ser Aymeric will respond to please see here.

FFXIV Plugin

  • Save your character to Ser Aymeric
  • Beautiful character profiles (powered by http://xivdb.com)
  • Get FFLogs data about a character
  • See a character's notable achievements
  • Assign Discord roles to your members based on Avg. FFlogs performance percentile & ingame achievements
  • Get the online status and character creation status of an ingame world
  • Check to see if there's any upcoming maintenance
  • See recipe information including materials and required stats
  • See item & gear information with stats and materia slots
  • See gathering node information including spawn time and coordinates
  • See minion information including Lords of Verminion battle stats
Please note that the data shown on your character profiles will depend on when xivdb.com has last synced your character from the Lodestone. There can be some delay. See http://xivdb.com/xivsync for more information about the character syncing process and how frequently the syncs will happen.

Profiles Plugin

  • Earn experience and level up as you talk
  • Chat leaderboards and member rankings
  • Earn badges & titles for certain actions in a server
  • Award "rep" points to other members for being amazing!
  • Assign roles to members when they level up
  • Announce in the chat or in DM when a member levels up
  • Customise the colour scheme, background image, info text and title on this website

IMDB & Anime Plugins

  • Search for TV shows, movies, anime & manga series

Stats Plugin

  • Visualise the growth & activity of your Discord!
  • See most active times of day
  • See most popular channels
  • Messages sent in the past 4 months
  • Commands executed in the past 4 months
  • Joiners & leavers in the past 4 months
  • And much more...

Roles Plugin

  • Allow members to assign roles to themselves
  • Members can also remove those roles from themselves
  • Tell Ser Aymeric to award a role to a member when they join your server
  • Group some roles together so that users can only assign 1 role per group
Ser Aymeric will need permissions to "Manage Roles" and his role in your server will need to be above those of the self-assignable roles you add in the hierarchy.

Moderation Plugin

  • Prune messages
  • Mute members in one channel or all channels
  • Blacklist members from using Ser Aymeric
  • View past nicknames of users

Music Plugin

  • Play songs from YouTube by providing a search term or video URL
  • Create custom playlists, and play in order or shuffle
  • Pause, skip, stop songs and view the queue
  • View playlist contents on your server's members page
Ser Aymeric's music plugin is powered entirely by YouTube. Other providers are not currently supported.

RSS Plugin

  • Get new posts from Reddit & Twitter (and more)
  • Customise the look of posts with templates

Polls Plugin

  • Start a poll with the format *poll question;option1;option2
  • React to vote; one vote per user
  • Maximum number of options is 9
  • 1 active poll allowed per channel

Commands Restrictions

  • Restrict role and music commands to a specified channel
  • AND/ OR restrict commands from other plugins to a specified channel
  • Ignores moderation commands such as clearing messages and blacklisting users
  • Force restrictions on moderator users too
  • Keep your Discord clean and tidy!